Nautilus III 75 Gallon Aquarium with Silver Trim and Stand Review

Nautilus III Aquarium with Silver Trim and Stand Review

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Here’s the thing about owning fish for pets. They mostly look small, especially compared to a dog or a cat. That means unless you’re specifically breeding them, you don’t realize how much you’ve kept adding to the tank until your aquarium looks overcrowded. Yes, that’s exactly what happened to our aquarium. One day, we had 8 fancy gold fishes in a 29 gallon aquarium and the next, we had a lot more. So we finally succumbed and upgraded to a 75 gallon aquarium.

What we bought was the Nautilus III 75 gallon aquarium with silver trim and stand by Penn Plax.

Nautilus III with Silver Trim and Stand Details

  • Dimension: 47.2 x 18 x 55 inches.
  • Weight: 138 pounds (241 pounds shipping weight).
  • Item model number: LLA12BL.

Colors Available: Black and Brown.

Nautilus III with Silver Trim and Stand Features

  • Made of 8-10 mm thick float glass.
  • Comes stand designed specifically to complement the aquarium.
  • Cabinet with storage space to hide filtration system.
  • Water-proof strip-light canopy system.
  • Limited 2-year warranty.
  • With complete T5/39 watt lighting system with full canopy.

Our Review

First things first, you should know that your $925 will only come with the actual 75 gallon aquarium, the aquarium stand and a complete lighting system. If you’re getting this thinking you’re getting the entire kit, you’re mistaken. You will need to but a few more accessories (it’s actually called the Penn Plax Aquarium Accessory Kit) before you can add the water, gravel and fish.

Having said that, Penn Plax’s Nautilus III 75 gallon aquarium does come with thick floating glass. It’s a high quality glass, too and makes for some rather clear views.  We’ve had the tank for a while now and I can say we don’t have any problems with durability.

The whole thing is easy to assemble. Yes, including the stand, which by the way, comes in three color variants. What we settled on was the black one because it just looked better with the silver trim. All you need is a standard screwdriver and you’d be all set.

The stand is made of water-resistant medium density fiberboard (MDF).  There’s good storage room in the cabinet to accommodate the tubes and filter system as well as most of your supplies. The aquarium itself has a protective foam pad underneath. I thought this was a nice touch and did well to assure me it won’t accidentally slip off. (Yes, I know that would be hard to do because a 75 gallon aquarium is heavy. But it’s still reassuring.)

The strip light canopy system provided ample lights for the fish and the plants both.


  • Color choices available.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Durable and clear glass.
  • Ample storage space in the cabinet.
  • Cabinet made of water-resistant fiberboard.


  • Pricey.
  • Needs accessories before use.

Overall, the Penn Plax Nautilus III 75 gallon aquarium is designed well and looks rich and luxurious. Because it comes in a variety of colors, it works well with most of the other furniture and home décor you may have. So fish fans and decorators alike should very well be pleased. But on top of that, it provides a functional home for your fish to and allows them enough light to flourish.


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