Top 7 Tips to Decorate Your Aquarium

Top 7 Tips to Decorate Your Aquarium

You have decided on the fish for your aquarium. The next step is to decorate and set up your aquarium, so that it becomes a paradise for your little pets. Decorating an aquarium is a source of great pleasure for aquarium enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. Go for a ship wrecked theme, a deep blue sea theme or a mountain based one; your options are endless.

Let us look at the top 7 tips to decorate your aquarium that defines your individuality as well as creates a beautiful place for your fish to call it home.

1. Know your fish

You should know about your collection of fish before choosing decorating items. Check if they are allergic to chemicals or paint that may be found in the ornaments.

Know if they like specific kinds of bottom coverings which offer them a place to hide when they want refuge; especially with smaller fish who love hideouts like rocks or caves. Some large fish like to feed at the bottom and may prefer more open spaces.

2. Size and dimensions

Always choose the size and dimensions of your aquarium based on your room size and types of fishes. When you have a small or medium-sized aquarium, use only a few pieces for decoration like a center piece rock or something similar and leave it open and uncluttered to provide space for your fish to swim around freely.

3. Choose your substrate according to your fish

The kind of substrate, whether gravel, hard rocks or sand will depend upon your fish.  If you are going to have large fish that usually feed at the bottom, then you would need a substrate of fine sand rather than gravel or rocks so that it is easy for them to pick their food.

4. Always start from the bottom

You should start from the bottom and go up decorating. Thoroughly rinse at least a few times everything that goes into the tank, including your substrate of gravel and any natural decoration structure.

They should be free of any dust or debris. Fill your aquarium halfway with your creative structure and then plant your plants.

Keep a plate at the bottom before filling water so that your creative pursuits don’t go haywire. The plate helps to evenly distribute the water without upsetting your arrangement.

5. Choose the right background

The right background can highlight your fish, decorations, plants or corals in your aquarium. You can use solid colors that offer a nice contrast to your decor or use a picture background that depicts the objects used for decoration in the aquarium. The latter gives a three dimensional element to the whole aquarium creating an illusion of depth.

6. Get your plants right in the aquarium

You can opt for both natural as well as plastic plants but natural plants are always the most preferred ones. You have them in various colors like dark green, red or purple.

Also they come in different forms and heights. Make sure you place the tall plants behind and the smaller ones in front.

You can also choose from floating or fixed plants depending on your fish. It is a good idea to take into account the light requirements of different plants before buying them.

7. Head only to your local fish store for rocks and woods

Adding rocks and woods can spruce up the natural look of the aquarium. But don’t take a chance by using your own wood or rock without knowing the sensitivity of the fish to it. It is always advisable to get them from the same store where you bought your fish as they would be in a better position to advice you on the best rock and woods suitable for your collection of the fish.

Always be open to ideas and experiment with your decor. Research and infuse your own creativity and try to wade away from traditional designs so that the uniqueness of your aquarium is not lost.

Use only natural things as much as possible to create a space and feel of a natural habitat for the fish. With these handy tips and with some patience, you will get the right look for your aquarium but do remember to clean it regularly once it is set up.

Top 7 Tips to Decorate Your Aquarium
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Top 7 Tips to Decorate Your Aquarium
A beautifully decorated aquarium adds to the aesthetic value of your room. Learn the top 7 tips to decorate your aquarium for the best results.

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