Top 5 Most Popular Betta Fish Tanks for 2016

The thought of having an aquarium at home or even inside your office is always exiting. You can always keep the hours going just by looking at the fish.

Before long, ideas trickle in. You get fresh perspectives on problems that seemed huge. Sounds strange but all these and even more can happen once you pause for a moment and marvel at an aquarium as you think about anything critical.

It has something to do with looking at life thriving under water. The sight is always beautiful, thought provoking and to some extent, stimulating. The whole experience gets better if you have colorful betta fish displaying their scintillating fins against a neatly done aquarium background. It therefore makes perfect sense to invest in a good betta fish tank.

Start off your search for the tanks by considering the following ones.

Tetra LED Half Moon

Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Fish Tank Review

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There are not so many unique fish tanks in the market today. You get a tank, walk to the next store and find a replica of what you’ve already bought. But Tetra LED Half Moon is an exception.

There are simply not so many fish tanks like it. A stylish 1.1 gallon tank, it guarantees ample space for your betta. It boasts of an LED light which can be easily placed either below or above the tank.


  • Neat design – It is simply aesthetically appealing, especially with the artificial under water plants it comes along with.
  • Easy to clean – That’s just that. The tank is extremely easy to maintain and clean.
  • Price – It sells for just about $12 (Check price now!). That’s just more than value for your money.
  • Sizeable – The tank is not too big or too small. Its size makes it ideal for home or office use.


  • Delicate – Aren’t all betta fish tanks delicate? This should not therefore be viewed as a con in a strict sense. Betta fish tanks are after all, not designed to be moved from one place to another several times. Simply find a strategic spot for the tank and let it stay there.

Baby biOrb Moonlight Aquarium with Light Fixture

Baby biOrb 4-Gallon Moonlight Aquarium with Light Fixture Review

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A 4 gallon moonlight aquarium for betta fish selling for less than $100 is not easy to come across. So when you come across Baby BiOrb Moonlight Aquarium, you know for sure that you’ve landed on a good deal.

The tank sells for about $90 (Check price now!). For the price, you get more than what you expect in terms of upsides or if you may, cons. The tank easily blends the look for a retro fish bowl with the design of a modern high tech betta fish tank.


  • Impressive light fixtures – The tank comes complete with a nice lighting fixture. The fixture automatically changes light from mild daylight to soft and mild moonlight at night. That explains why the tank’s full name is the Baby BioOrb Gallon Moonlight aquarium.
  • Crystal clear – That’s that just. Crystal clear yet appealing, the closest one can come to describing the tank is magnificent.
  • Different sizes – You have the option to choose between the 4 gallon, the 8 gallon or the 16 gallon Baby Biorb tank.


The top ring can sometimes leak. This happens though after a long time or after one neglects maintaining the tank.

Aqueon Kit Betta Falls

Aqueon Kit Betta Falls Review

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Available in black and white, Aqueon Kit Betta Falls will without a doubt impress you with a unique design.

It is in fact safe to say that this is not a tank per se. It is more or less like a cascading water body. The aim is to make your betta fish feel as though they are in their natural habitat.

Aqueon Betta Falls Kit, Black
List Price: $59.99
Price: $37.18
You Save: $22.81


  • Design – The design alone will impress you. Neatly done and aesthetically appealing, it will brighten your office or living room with ease.
  • Easy to maintain – It simply does not call for frequent washing.


  • Not ideal for betta – Though designed for betta fish, there are concerns that the tank is not ideal for betta fish.
  • Delicate.

GloFish Aquarium Kit with Blue LED Light

GloFish Aquarium Kit with Blue LED Light Review

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With a curved front to give you a good view of your better, GloFish Aquarium Kit with Blue LED Light will impress you the moment you set your eyes on it.

It is a uniquely designed 5 gallon betta fish tank complete with clear plastic canopy.

But that is not everything as far as the goodies that come complete with the tank are concerned.


  • A convenient feeding hole.
  • A detachable LED light.
  • Seamless view.
  • Low volt power cable.
  • More than just ideal for kids.


  • Not available in larger sizes.

Tetra Cube Aquarium Kit

Tetra 3-gallon LED Cube Aquarium Kit Review

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You know for sure you have a good deal when you come across a betta fish tank that comes complete with a filter. That is exactly what Tetra 3-gallon LED Cube Aquarium Kit has to offer.

The filter ensures that the tank remains clean for long. It also provides a good environment for your betta fish.


  • LED lighting – Specifically designed to highlight the glow of the aquarium and the beauty of your betta.
  • Feeding hole – It is strategically located on the lid to make it easier for you to feed your betta.
  • Ideal for different fish – You can use it for nearly all types of tropical fish.


  • Filter may not be as good as you expect – you may have to buy a separate filter later on.
  • Delicate material – it is made of acrylic, which is a nice material but a delicate one at the same time, because it is prone to scratches.


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