Why You Need Pre-filter Net Guards?

Stainless Steel Flow Fish Filter Guard Net Shrimp Safe Protect Basket Mesh

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Pre-filter net guards are hardly the most exciting of stuff you want to place in your aquarium. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need any. Because they do have advantages. And you should read on to find out more.

For this review, I will be talking about the Stainless Steel Flow Fish Filter Guard Net Shrimp Safe Protect Basket Mesh that I bought from Amazon.

Stainless Steel Flow Fish Filter Guard Net Shrimp Safe Protect Basket Mesh Review

Image from Amazon.com

Look at that. Like I said, it’s not very inspiring or exciting looking, is it? Here’s what you need to know about the 16mm mesh based on the Amazon listing description.

Product Details

  • 100% brand new.
  • Nice quality.
  • Keeps your aquarium shrimp fish safe.

Dimensions: 16mm x 85mm.

Package Includes: 1 x filter guard.

Now, it also states that this is an attractive way to keep your aquarium shrimp fish safe. I’m not really sold on the “attractive” part. It looks utilitarian at most. But safe is true.

Tiny animals like freshwater shrimp fish do have the tendency to be sucked into large slots on many of the standard intake strainers. The same is true of other invertebrates and small fish and fry. So having something to protect them is certainly needed.

Now some people have asked me what the difference between a stainless steel filter guard or a pre-filter and the sponge kind is. What are the advantages or disadvantages of owning the two?

From my experience, I’d say the sponge pre-filters get clogged easily and quickly. Other people say they haven’t cleaned their filters in months and they didn’t have any problems at all but I find that’s not the case for me.

The mesh filter, in this regard, is advantageous because it doesn’t clog easily. The sponge will provide good surface area. You might even notice how much shrimps love spending time on it.

And they’re also cheap. So maybe it’s more of a personal choice than anything else.

Of course, that’s not to say that a stainless steel mesh pre-filter won’t clog. Mine did every once in a while, too. The advantage is it is just so much easier to clean off compared to a sponge. A few times, I simply turned off the flow and the debris pretty much all fell off.

On this pre-filter net guard, the instructions state that should it require some clean-up, all you need to do is to simply brush any of the accumulated debris of the filter guard using your hand (which sounds a little gross if you ask me) or a soft brush. An old toothbrush should work here, too.

Also, I never had any of my shrimp sucked into a mesh filter. I can’t say the same for the sponges.

The Stainless Steel Flow Fish Filter Guard Net Shrimp Safe Protect Basket Mesh I got should fit over your aquarium filter’s intake pipe, not over the strainer. If you have a filter with an integrated strainer, however, you might need to make some modifications to these filter guards to get them to work.

So why do you need pre-filter stainless steel mesh filter net guards? Well, because if you love your shrimp or the other tiny fishes you have living in your aquarium, you don’t want them to be sucked in the standard intake strainers. That could harm them at best and at worse, kill them off. Sponge filters can also do the same thing. So if you want to protect the little creatures from harm, you need to get yourself a mesh pre-filter, pronto!

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